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LPG conversion Petrol engines in Canberra


Almost all petrol engines are suitable for an LPG conversion which means that you may enjoy the cost and environmental benefits of driving an LPG vehicle immediately after conversion. The vast majority of Autogas vehicles are dual fuel meaning they can run on both LPG and petrol and as such have two independent fuel systems & tanks.

It is imperative that the LPG conversion is undertaken by an LPGA Approved Conversion Specialist.


Switching to Autogas

Converting your current petrol-powered engine is straightforward but make sure you always go to an LPGA Approved Installer who will be able to advise you on the best system for your vehicle. These companies comply with set standards, training and examination of installers, and a thorough inspection process that has government approval. Your insurance company may also ask to see the LPGA certificate.

Used vehicles

There is a healthy market for used cars that have been converted to LPG. Most Autogas vehicles are dual fuel and run equally well on Autogas or petrol. A number of dealers specialise in selling these vehicles. Remember to always make sure you obtain the LPGA conversion certificate from the seller or have an LPGA Approved Installer check the vehicle over.

Congestion Price

If you drive into city every day, you could save up to $1000 per year by driving a car with reduced emissions (based on 200 visits per annum).


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